In most cases, legal proceedings require that the person served should be notified of the legal action being taken against them. This seems like a simple task on the surface. However, there are millions of people who manage to escape from being served. They disappear or become evasive.

The evasive individual could be trying to avoid getting into domestic wars, problems with the debt collector, or some other legal issues, but to serve justice, they must be found and brought forward. If you want to know how the process of finding evasive people work, keep reading.

Get Verified Information

While it may seem like an obvious step, there are several instances where the input of information was incorrect, which made it hard to locate the elusive person. The private investigator always starts by verifying all the information and ensuring the required data is available.

Some of the most important pieces of information include the full name, home address, social security number, date of birth, phone number, work address, work number, vehicle description, license plate number, physical description, pictures, nicknames, and more related data.

Surf The Internet

There are several databases available to the general public, but they often provide outdated information. The individuals who use these services are charged anywhere from $19.95 to $59.95 per search. In many cases, you find that you wasted more money on non-productive information, which has gotten you no closer to the location that when you first began.

Start by searching the name and zip code of the person in a simple Google query. This will provide all the data of the person and their available public records. There are people finder websites that can show you the hidden location of the person that might not have been saved with the legal authorities.

More specialized databases, which are available to private investigators like proprietary state, federal computers, credit records, criminal cases searches, and others, provide information regarding where they may be hiding or accessing resources needed to move forward with the search.

Take Advantage Of Social Media

People are driven by the need to publicize their life online. From pictures of vacations to marking important events in their lives, people voluntarily post a lot of information regarding their lives on various social media sites.

So, it is always a good idea to do a sweeping search of different social media channels. Do a general search for their name; even if the person has not posted anything, several acquaintances might know about the individual. They can be added to the persons of interest list. Moreover, there could be several other hints you can find on these apps.

Conduct Interviews

Now you need to take to the roads if you are to conduct these searches yourself and interview people related to the elusive individual in all forms. Talk to friends, neighbors, family, business partners, co-workers, and other people the person might frequently interact with. Interviewing these human assets usually churns out valuable information about the person’s location or how they are getting all the resources needed for life.

In the US, about seven people are missing for every 100,000 people. It is reported that about 600,000 people have their names on the missing person’s list annually. A big percentage tries to evade taxes as well. This warrants the services of professional skip tracers.

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