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SkipTracers offers many different asset searches to aid litigation attorneys in their due diligence for the collection of monetary court ordered judgments.
Hidden asset location searches in many cases will provide your office with the tools and information necessary for garnishment enforcement without the defendant knowing in advance of your intent through normal oral or written interrogatories. Under these circumstances, the defendant would have the ability to close any liquid assets such as a bank account or brokerage house account on the same day as your hearing prior to the execution on such holdings. These old fashion measures tend to be a disservice to your client when you also have the ability for SkipTracers to go behind the scenes and obtain what you need for enforcement and collection of the funds due your client in which you have the element of surprise.
Many of these services offered are also beneficial in background research on an individual when your client may be considering entering into a business arrangement or financial transaction with someone that he/she may mot be will acquainted. Discreation is always at the forefront of any type investigative research undertaken on your behalf and the subject of your request would never know that we are looking at him from, unless you wished to provide the information we uncover in our report.

Our Pricing

Miscellaneous Services Also Offered By SkipTracers

Bankruptcy Filing Search

$95.00 - $150.00

Civil Court Records Search

$75.00 - $150.00

Corporate Records Search

$195.00 - $395.00

Criminal Records Search

$75.00 - $495.00

Death Records Search

$65.00 - $195.00

Drivers License Search

$55.00 - $295.00

Drivers Records Search

$125.00 - $375.00

Federal Prison Search

$85.00 - $195.00

Marriage / Divorce Records Search

$75.00 - $250.00

Overall Public Records Search

$195.00 - $395.00

Patent / Trademark Records Search

$295.00 - $595.00

Safety Deposit Box Search

$395.00 - $500.00

Social Media Searches

$1,250.00 - $7.500.00

UCC Records Search

$95.00 - $195.00
The above service rates are based upon the area(s) in which the requests are to be conducted as well as the time and underlying costs associated for our staff to research your request