Many customers who come to us for help at different points in the confiscation process bring up the problem of concealed assets as the initial impetus for our involvement. The Criminal Justice Act of 1988 or the Crime Proceeds Act of 2002 may apply to such legal actions.

Since 6% of Americans have a secret bank account, investigators often have to dig deep to unearth assets and verify that court orders are carried out. In many cases, particularly those involving the enforcement or recovery of a judgment, searching for concealed assets will be pretty helpful and crucial.

With the right tools at our disposal, we have a fighting chance of uncovering hidden assets worldwide and using them to collect millions in damages awarded due to litigation or criminal proceedings. Finding secret bank accounts is, thus, a worthwhile endeavor and a better option than tipping your hand ahead of time by requiring the subject to answer written or verbal interrogatories.

Professional Hidden Asset Investigations are Worth It

Hiring private investigators is a good idea if you need to find concealed funds or property to recover from a judgment or execute a court ruling. National Skip Tracers and Process Service specialize in the meticulous paperwork and time-consuming research required for such investigations. The services are employed in high-stakes and low-stakes situations alike. Their usage is common for enforcing judgments and uncovering concealed assets.

Through its secret bank account research services, our firm may quickly ascertain the full extent of a debtor’s liquid assets. This is true for both corporations and consumers alike.

You may trust that we will locate any hidden assets you may wish to uncover on your subject. We have the resources, expertise, and understanding to do so. We use exclusive methods, databases, and equipment to find you what no one else can, and we’re successful in that endeavor eighty percent of the time. Fifty percent or more of the time, successful bank account searches reveal the name of the bank where the defendant keeps his depositing accounts along with the bank details and balances as of the search date.

For the most part, we adhere to the highest standards of expertise as private investigators and only get information via legal and ethical techniques.

The Most Common Hidden Assets

  • Real Estate

Real estate may serve as a secret asset for both companies and people. It is far simpler to conceal income-generating real estate since there will be less of a paper trail or none if the deal is paid for in cash. Hidden property that leaves no paper trace may be difficult to locate.

  • Offshore Bank Accounts

Another common means of concealing wealth is using an offshore bank account. Financial records from any country may be concealed, although doing so offshore is standard practice. It will be difficult for a spouse to access an offshore account during a divorce proceeding.

  • Small Collectibles

It’s also simple to conceal little items. Jewelry, coins, and potentially even works of art are all examples of the expensive collections we’re talking about. These things are small and discrete, making it simple to store them out of sight.

  • Rare Livestock

It is also possible to find rare cattle within hidden assets. The genuine worth of a Thoroughbred horse may be tough to uncover, but they are notoriously difficult to disguise.

  • Fixed Assets

When a corporation purchases vehicles, furniture, tools, or equipment, they are considered fixed assets and will be subject to depreciation. The net worth of a corporation may be affected by the disparity between its book value and its current market value.

  • Divorce

The court has to have a solid understanding of the financial standings of both parties to provide a fair and equitable decision. If you’re going through a divorce, you’ll need to produce financial documentation to the court, including proof of income and an estimate of the value of any companies or assets you own.

Any attempt to mislead the court or hide assets will likely lead to an unfavorable outcome for one or both parties, even after the ruling is finalized. Undisclosed assets may significantly impact the allocation of marital property, a major issue in every divorce.

However, hidden assets have an impact on more than simply marital assets. That’s because when deciding how to divide marital assets, the court considers both parties’ financial situations, including their separate property. Consequently, if one party conceals substantial personal property, it might swing the balance of power in their favor.

Spousal and child support are additional concerns, with the amount awarded to each party being calculated based on the parent’s net income.

Finally, a decision on child custody must be made, with consideration given to the child’s best interests, the parent’s financial situation, and moral fitness. A divorce court’s custody decision may be heavily influenced by finding one party’s willful concealment or misrepresentation of assets to the court.

National Skip Tracers and Process Service can help you locate all these hidden assets. We can easily locate every hidden asset by providing you with a reliable service that can increase your chances of a fair and balanced settlement.

Uncovering Hidden Assets to Satisfy Debts

It may be quite challenging to collect debts from those who are unwilling or dishonest about sharing where their hidden assets are located. Money judgments or arbitration awards may affirm the amount and legitimacy of debt, but collecting the amounts due can be a daunting challenge for many litigants and their lawyers.

National Skip Tracers and Process Service is your best choice to locate and seize the concealed assets of domestic and international people, corporations, and sovereign debtors. National Skip Tracers and Process Service are skilled in all stages of the foreign debt collection process, from locating assets to enforcing judgments and awards.

Why Prefer the National Skip Tracers and Process Service?

If you want to find the hidden asset of your opposing one, then National Skip Tracers and Process Service have what it takes to get you the information you need for your client.

With our unique skip tracing service, we locate hidden assets. We are well-known and recognized because of our dedication to finding hidden assets. Few companies can be trusted with the job of locating hidden assets. National Skip Tracers and Process Service offer an effective solution for locating hidden assets.

Our investigation will provide the facts and evidence of your opponent’s financial problems, such as bankruptcy, unpaid taxes, judgments, lawsuits, missing assets, missing income, money laundering, tax evasion, and much more.

National Skip Tracers and Process Service allows us to conduct comprehensive and professional research on your opponent’s financial situation, and our results are highly accurate. When you choose our asset research, you are guaranteed to be able to uncover all your opponents’ financial records and hidden assets without being noticed.

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