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What Resources Are Used In Direct Skip Tracing?


Skip tracing is the method of tracking down the people who are missing, unresponsive, and hard to track. It is an in-depth approach investigation that is commonly deployed to pinpoint a debtor’s whereabouts due to unpaid debts or financial scams, as well as a participant to an ongoing legal proceeding. In this process, the skip tracers are the investigators who trace the location and whereabouts of these types of individuals. The skip tracing method is helpful in different industries to different individuals. For example, skip tracing will be needed mainly by lawyers, paralegals, legal assistants, private investigators, journalists, bank institutions, collection agencies and others. You need to get in touch with the best skip-tracing companies to get your leads and find the debtor, defendant, witness or heir to an estate.

The term direct skip tracing is commonly used interchangeably with bounty hunting. The result of the skip tracing procedure is based on impartial detection with a transparent view. It does not always end up with the arrest of the fugitive. At the same time, the skip tracers can acquire the networks they have earned with skills and resources after years of experience.


Detailed Resources Used For Skip Tracing Investigation 

The skip tracers not only investigate the debtors who are escaping from the creditors or legal proceedings. They also investigate witnesses, individuals of interest, subject matter experts (for journalists), and for different other purposes. skip tracing gives individuals a transparent and unbiased view of information with legal documents. Some certain resources and components must be fulfilled for a successful skip-tracing investigation. The debt tracing agencies will make your

investigation easier with their services. In this blog, you will learn about resources used by the skip tracers for investigating and solving a particular case.

1.  Public Records 

Skip Trace Investigations require a lot of research and the next level of legwork to gather multiple sources of information. The public records include property tax documents and court records. The connections and networks help the investigators build information and evidence of the debtors. For example, if the skip tracers require to track the location of the fugitive debtor who is under legal proceedings. Then the skip tracer will trace the latest public records of the fugitive to understand the tracking strategy.

2.  Surveillance 

Skip tracers will often conduct talking sessions with individuals closely connected with the POI (person of interest) who is running away. It engages the focused surveillance on the debtor, which helps the tracking process.

The investigator will proceed with the detailing by searching with the basics like name, last known address, contact information, leads, and information to detect the current location. By keeping surveillance, the skip tracers connect the dots and pull with the help of various other resources to find the whereabouts of the POI.

3.  Background Information 

The background information of the fugitive plays a vital role in tracking the current location while undergoing direct skip tracing. The background information talks about the previous information of the skipper, such as the address where they used to stay, previous working places that will be helpful for getting some leads, what things they own, the places they frequently visited, criminal background checks, etc. Here, the tracers can identify easily through the criminal background information and the cases they were included in. All this early life information can create an impact on finding the debtor and tracking the current place for further proceedings.

4.  Information Database 

The skip tracer will use a number of resources and proprietary databases, not accessible to the general public to collect the required amount of information and links. To reach the fugitive, the tracers can use advanced research techniques to carry out in-depth information. They will also use transportation records to detect the last location of the skipper.

5.  Digital Intelligence Method 

The skip tracers from the best skip tracing companies will use digital databases to track the internet, searching for the subject’s online presence because there are such instances where the POI is connecting with their network through the unexpected medium of social media platforms. Specialized skip tracing software can also be useful, providing confidential databases not available in the public records domain. The digital intelligence method is based on web research creating link switches, the skipper, social media analysis, and the additional online resources that will help them detect the fugitive with the legal documents.

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