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Ultimate Guide To Know About Skip Tracing


As some cases can not proceed until you present the defendant with all the legal documents, finding the right person who has relocated to skip specific responsibilities or to hide the crime becomes challenging. Without the right tactics, software, and data knowledge, you might never find the whereabouts of some documents and debtors. That’s when skip tracing services come into the picture, as you can track the location of bank accounts and ease the process of serving court documents. Moreover, tracers can also help you find the whereabouts of missing or fled business partners.

What Is Skip Tracing?

Skip tracing is locating a person who has gone “missing” or cannot be found, such as a fugitive, a lost individual, or even a debtor who has run away from town. Skip tracing involves gathering information from different sources, such as public records, databases, and social media, to piece together the subject’s current whereabouts. Commonly, it is used by law enforcement agencies, debt collectors, and private investigators. Moreover, it is also used to find bank accounts or to locate assets in a legal case. Lastly, it verifies whether or not the person is related to the company.

What Is Skip Tracing Used For?

By utilizing various tools and techniques, skip tracers provide accurate and up-to-date information, allowing our clients to take the necessary steps to resolve their legal cases and issues. If you wish to know more about skip tracing debt collection and other uses, read on!

  • Debt Collection

Usually, when any debtor or business partner runs away from responsibility because of legal cases or company bankruptcy, they can be easily traced using skip tracers’ methods and software.

  • Law Enforcement

For all the individuals who fail to appear in court or relocate to confuse the law, the government uses skip tracing techniques and hires private investigators who possess experience in their industry to know these whereabouts.

  • Legal Investigations

Insurance companies can use skip tracing for skip tracing bank accounts and other organizations to investigate cases of fraud or embezzlement by locating assets or individuals who may be involved in the company.

  • Verifying Information

Skip tracing can verify information, such as a person’s current address, employment, or phone number, for various reasons, including background checks and due diligence.

Top Advantages Of Skip Tracing

  • Skip tracing involves gathering information from multiple sources, which helps to increase the accuracy of the information obtained. That’s why there are minimized chances of wrong information, leading to more effective results.
  • With us, Skip tracing can be conducted discreetly, preserving the subject’s privacy and protecting sensitive information related to serving court documents.
  • Skip-tracing methods can disclose a wealth of information, including current and previous addresses, employment history, and financial information. All this provides a clear picture of the missing individuals and their whereabouts.
  • Skip tracing helps speed up locating an individual or entity, making it a valuable tool in time-sensitive situations.

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